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A client did an upgrade to their bandwidth (50/50) and although download speeds are fine 50-52Mbps, upload speeds are always between 10-12Mbps (on any workstation/server). If I connect a laptop directly do the ISPs ethernet cable I get 50Mbs up. Its ...
Is it possible to connect to HQ via FortiClient and have access to both the HQ and Branch subnets (theres a Site-to-Site IPSec VPN between the HQ/Branch Fortis)?
Has anyone heard if theres going to be a refresh of the FortiWifi models? Do they usually come out about the same time as the standard (non-wifi) counterparts or do they usually come out months later?
I setup a S2S VPN between a Forti and a Meraki. The VPN is up but Site A (Forti) cant reach/ping Site B (Meraki). On the other hand Site B and reach/ping Site A. The policies look ok at least on my end. Im not blocking any traffic ... Does anyone hav...
I understand charging for AV/Security modules, but not letting us activate something as simple as Keep Alive and Auto-Connect by putting it behind a paywall doesnt look good. What gives? Is no on else ticked about this? Small businesses wont go for t...