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Does anyone ever used the Zero Touch Deploy to deploy a Fortigate cluster?ByeDaniele
I have a customer with expiring license on a cluster Fortiweb. He's waiting for the new one but the license will expire before the new appliances will be installed. What happen to the services in use? Just no update from Fortiguard or worse? Thx
I can see all the records per user, coming from a Web Filter profile (monitor action). But they are asking for just the "http get" request. Can I restrict this report on your opinion?Or do I need a WAF profile?
I have a VIP address that is available to my internal users. It's not linked to a specific interface (any) so the fortigate listen on all the interfaces.From GUI I cant create a policy with source ssl.root and destination the vlan were the VIP belong...
No matter what I do the Forticlient VPN on this device crash at start. Reading on APP comments seems happening to others.Actually there are no upgrade to the app. Feedback sent via the app to the dev team I suppose.Do someone know about this? Any wor...