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While integrating FortiMail in our monitoring system I recognised there are 6 different queue types: DefaultDefault SlowIncomingIncoming SlowOutgoingOutgoing Slow The difference between regular queue and slow queue is documented quite well: • Regular...
Since version 5.2.5 Fortinet has added the 'diagnose traffictest' command. It appears to be an iperf3 running on the Fortigate.But it seems you can only measure bandwith between interfaces on the Fortigate itself. I tested some boxes: FWF60D: 314 Mbi...
I'm using FortiManager v5.2.7-build0757 160408. I'm not able to sync following setting: config log setting set fwpolicy-implicit-log disable end I can not disable it - if currently enabled on the Fortigate and vice-versa. Install Preview just says "N...
I cannot Login into the forum using the login button on the start page.If I click Login nothing happens. Tried different browsers and environments. http://forum.fortinet.com/login works fine though.
While reading the NSE8 Exam description (http://www.fortinet.com/sites/default/files/NSE8_Certification_ExamDescription.pdf), some questions popped up. Apparently the tested topics and firmware versions can change any time without notice.Is there alr...
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