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I'm trying to get a report of users visiting one particular website. When using the "Web Usage Report" I add the following filter:URL - Equal To - "" but it seems to show me all sites and not just the one site I'm looking for. How to I...
I' m seeing a fair amount of " Policy 0" with " No Session Matched" in our logs. Some of them are legit blocks, but a lot of them should match a policy and be allowed. What would cause this sort of deny?
I have recently switched from " DC Agent Mode" to " Polling Mode" with " Check Windows Security Event Logs" so that our MAC OSX logins are recognized by the firewall. We have 9 DC' s and I have 2 of them set up as collectors. As soon as I switched mo...
We' ve been running FSSO with Active Directory for a couple of years now. I' m now testing FSSO with OSX 10.7 Lion machines. I' ve added the OSX box to our AD and can log in and map my drives, printers, etc... The FSSO does not seem to see that the O...
I' m new to FSAE and after a few days of playing around, I have it up and running with our AD nicely. I have policies to only allow authenticated users to the internet. How do I go about allowing system accounts out (to windows updates/virus updates/...
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