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Hi, i give 5.6.0 a try.i did the Upgrade from 5.2.10 to 5.6.0 on my Fortigate 60D. It was a little odysee, because the direct update from 5.2.10 to 5.6.0 doesn´t work. (After reboot the FG60D fails an didnt came on.) So i have to reinstall 5.2.10 wit...
Hi Folk, We use FG since 2003 an it works fine. After Upgradigng FG OS to MR 7 all config lost and now we have to reconfig. It works. All internal PC can reach the internet an so on. But automatical antivirus doesnt work. I see, that with cli the exe...
Hello guys, iam new and comming out from germany. so, i am very sorry for my bad english. but i hope i can explain, what my problem is. (and sure i hope you can help me) we have got a smal soho office. i just want to access my server (windows 2003 sb...
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