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Dear Everyone !!! I have one problem with log and report that always show one hostname all IP address please see picture. i don't why it's still like that. Best Regard,
Dear Everyone!!! I see option in Email Alert has only 3 email that can be configure. If i would like to add more than 3 so what should i do or this option are limited. Please see the picture . Best Regard, Buntha,
Dear Everyone, I have been create policy to block Country, That country is china because of many attack source from china, but after create policy to block i still see traffic from china again. Could you please check this problem for me ?
Dear Everyone!!! I have been done on hosting website by foritgate 300c using DMZ but when i use the same way to hosting website outside cannot access our email so what's the wrong. Please help answer thank.
Dear Everyone!!!! How can we block Bluestacks application because this app can avoid or FTG that can use Facebook youtube ....... many app in bluestacks, thus in our app in FTG don't have this app so what's should we do or need to create custom appli...