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Hi All, Been a while since I posted but I can't see to find the answer to this question. Is it possible to configure a fortigate unit to split logs and IDS/IPS logs/packet capture so that you can send the traffic logs to FAZ A and then the IDS/IPS lo...
Hi Guys, LOoking for some advice, guidence and experiances. Looking to update our current production firmware from 5.4.9 but I'm unsure of which release train to follow. Should I go for 5.6.5 or 6.0/1 ? Cheers
Hi All, Is there any way to configure fortianalyzer so that it can report on high user uploads. For example 1gb+ Cheers,
Will load this on to a test box and report back Attached release notes
Hi Guys, I have booked the NSE 5.4 exam and was wondering whats the best method of attack in terms of preperation for this exam? Cheers,
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