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Hi all, I have a FW device (in Azure, but I don't think that's important): Public IP: IP (port1): IP (port2): The public IP is natted to the external ip. Both interfaces have HTTPS access enable...
Figure I'm missing something obvious here. Our IPS logs are absolutely spammed by the "TCP.Split.Handshake.signature" rule (2000 or so every 5 minutes). I'd like to disable just this rule and this rule only. Is there a way? I've attached a pic of how...
Hi all, The insert rate on my FortiAnalyzer has dropped to 0. The event log has a message every few seconds like: 2016-05-12 16:00:30 warning system FortiAnalyzer event Dropped log database table FGTADOM3-tlog-1457995500 with size 77MB due to trim by...