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Hi all, we fortigate 500 E in this firewall we have Wifi G for guest wifi users. But when user try to login to wifi g sometimes user prompt a authentication window in default browser. and some time it dose not appear and browser open with https conne...
I want to know if there is any way to allow facebook and limited the bandwidth of facebook video streaming (With limited Bandwidth). thank you.
when i create a FQDN for google-analytics.com it not allow access to that site. why is that??
the users who use the office 365 they can share their document through the web browser. But they try to share document locally some features not working in the share option. is there any method to fix this????
Hello All, We use fortigate URL Filtering restrict user access to the unnecessary web pages. we blocked Bandwidth and consuming and enable access to the youtube using URL Filtering after that we couldn't access to the youtube. when we want to block a...