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Is there any way to have a Fortinet box send an email when a VPN connection is successfully created? I can only find email setting for VPN connection failures. Bert
I have had a VPN connection set up for a year or so now and, except for failing the first few tries at 10%, it now will not get past that point. I haven't touched the FortiNet box for months so it can't be a misconfiguration, so what can be causing t...
I have a FortiWifi 60E and it has been working fine. I moved office which resulted in an external ip address change and now the SIP provider on my 3CX PBX can't register. Since I can find no troubleshooting information on either the 3CX PBX or the 60...
I just bought a Surface Pro X but I can't find a FortiNet VPN client for it. Any suggestions as to where I might find one? Thanks Bert
I am trying to troubleshoot a problem but I am new to Fortinet and apparently I don't know how to use the Log & Report section of my firewall. I am trying - and failing - to RDP to a VM in Azure. So, I decided to have a look on the firewall to see if...