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Hi, FG200E v6.2.3 - I disconnected FAP321C. But Iwas very surprised to see the status remain ONLINE.Like the unit is OK and working, while I'm holding itin my hand. Update: Its took 23 minutes for status to change to Disconnected.


Hi, I'm getting this on FortiGateCloud: "Device config version does not match device firmware version v6.0.8, build 0303. You can sync by clicking the Import button if changing device firmware version is not preferred." I tried to import, did not fix...
Hi, When upgrading to v6.2.3 from v6.0.8Fortiview->Interfaces gone!Any way to get it back? Thank you.
Hi, FortiGate 200D - FortiOS v5.6.11 build1700 (GA). 5 wan connections. Every 1-2 days some connections status changed to down. But the connections are up! If I change the detect server its OK. After 1-2 days down again! change the detect server all ...