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Hi, I have two fortigate 200B (5.0.11) in active-active mode, but from today there is only a small balance of tcp sessions. master has 1571 in ESTABLISHED state , but subordinate has 3 in ESTABLISHED state. could someone help methanks a lot
Hi, in my factory the user pcs have the possibility to connect to ethernet lan or wifi lan with different subnet can you tell me, exactly, how fsso know if ip user address is changed? and how frequently? Thanks
Hi. how can I proceed to update the collector agent? Do I must first uninstall the old version of collector agent? thanks
In a redundant configuration with two collectors agent, is it possible that the same DC agent communicate at the same time with two collectors? thanks
I guys, I have fortigate 200b with v5 firmware. I have create a custom profile with " enable safe search" enabled but without any resoult, why? thanks
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