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i have around 100 FGT's configured under Fortimanager and I thought it would be better to have a backup config for all the FGT's wondering if there is an option to do that at once using FMG?
I have cofigured FortiAuthenticator for centralized admin login for devices, I was trying to add same for Forticlient EMS but I didn't find any option for Radius or Tacacs+ , is there any way I could do centralized device admin control of Forticlient...
Hi Guys deploying new fortiauthenticator, i have few questions if you guys could help - can I authenticate cisco switches with FAC, when I login via ssh or console that should check with FAC?- how FAC works, I have many Fortigates so FAC will be link...
hello,I configured Fortigate VM on Azure after creating a resource group, selected BYOL license type and everything was fine I was able to access the GUI of FortiGate. Did license and everything was fine I went to interfaces>wan interface > it was se...