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Hello,I am trying to secure my management logins with an SSL Cert.I generated a CRT and then downloaded the Cert from GoDaddy. I then imported into system --> certificates --> local cert --> import etc...Once that was done I then went to system --> s...
Hello, I am working with a tech on a new Call Manager rollout and he has implemented Cisco Expressway and asked me to open ports (5060, 5061, 5222 and 8443) from the external Public IP to the Expressway in my DMZ. I have followed the guide and setup ...
Hello, I currently have a Fortigate 100D and have all 16 ports in a virtual switch. I have a DarkTrace Probe plugged into port 16 and I am trying to get ports 1 - 15 to mirror to that port. It seems that I can mirror 1 port but not multiple ports. I ...