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Hello!We have a FortiGate in 6.4.X and we re already using SSL VPN with 2FA with Fortitoken, and we must keep this 2FA auth.We use Foticlient 6.4 with free license.Now we want to enforce that only notebooks from the company can connect to the VPN.We ...
Hello, does it make sense to enable DHCP snooping in a network where does NOT have DHCP servers?And of course PCs from the organization should not have DHCP client enabled also. Thank you.Regards.
Hello, Can you tell me how to enable the WIFI-Controller on GUI on FGT-VM (6.4.2). Only appears the FortiSwitch controller in GUI.I enabled the feature in GUI. In CLI is enabled:config system globalset wireless-controller enable This has happened to ...
Hello, I have to upgrade a FG-100D v5.0.7(FG100D-5.00-build271) to v6.0.5.I am not sure about the upgrade path, because te tool starts from 5.2.9.... Can you give me a hand and tell me where should I look for this?Thank you in advance.Regards.
Hello, I want to clarify this, to see if I have this correct -RSSO is a standard,not unique to Fortinet.-WSSO is unique to Fortinet-The idea of both is to use SSO(passive authentication), using the 802.1X login so that the user does not have to login...