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Hello all, Is there any way to forward select login events from the DC to the Collector Agent similar to syslog style?
Hello, I am trying to create a Dataset to list the number of unique source IPs which communicated with each destination IP but for some reason it is not working, i already have a good Dataset with all destination IPs and the total number of sessions,...
I am trying to generate a report to show the top applications by session count and the destination IPs. Essentially I have :Dataset 1 to show top applications by appid, app, appcat, (case when (utmaction in ('block', 'blocked') or act...
We have a Fortigate-1500D running on 5.6.8 which is averaging CPU usage around 50%, some days ago there was a huge peak in the CPU usage which went up to 90%. I took some screenshots from the device's web interface shortly after issue was reported an...