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Hello All,Is there any way to use FortiAuthenticator on a Windows 10 Home machine?We have a small amount of Windows 10 home laptops and no domain setup in our environment. I am using FortiAuthenticator to handle RADIUS logins on our Linux servers wit...
Hello All,We have been told upgrade our 100F running 6.2.3 to 6.2.10 to fix a SSLVPN DHCP issue. I have been reading and a lot of the suggestions are to go with the 6.4.x train. I was wondering if anyone had any issues with moving from 6.2 to 6.4 and...
Hello, Has anyone tried setting up a HAProxy server with a Let's Encrypt SSL Cert to access the FortiMail user quarantine page? This would hopefully eliminate the need to keep adding a cert to the FortiMail device. Thanks, Matt
Hello, I am working on coming up with a design to migrate from an older ASA to a 100F. The current config is 2 ISPs coming in to an Edge Router where it is advertising a full class C public network block through BGP. The ASA is handling a lot of NAT ...