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igmpsnoopingd and iptables according to build in TOP command are using most of CPU. My fortiswtich 224e-poe has a close to 100% CPU utilization. What can I do to bring it down? # get system performance status CPU states: 33% user 66% system 0% nice 1...
How to edit multiple ports at once in CLI so e.g I can assign vlans to them? Grep in CLI does not work like on fortigates? Is there any other way to filter output or logs?
Hello, I have fortigate 60E and fortiswtich 124e-fpoe and trying to manage it from fortigate using switch controller. Switch controller is enabled on fortigate, port 5 which I am using to connect to port 24 on a switch does not have an option "dedica...
Hi, Trying to collect email but that option is not available on interface but it is on the SSID fortigate interface. Is this possible without creating wifi using FortiAPs?
I am getting error -111This may be connected to the pre-shared key settings which are not saved even when I click apply.Same settings work fine on my old mac air 2011 high sierra