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Greetings, I have a FortiGate at the main office, subnet are several hardware-based IPSec VPNs for remote locations:Remote office 2, subnet office 3, subnet office 4, subnet so on.Th...
FortiClient and newerHello, does anyone know how FortiClient might be interfering with Deltek Ajera? The trouble comes when following a link (Time & Expense) that produces a pop-up window just prior to opening a new browser window. Uninsta...
Fortigate 90D, v5.2.11,build754FSSO 5.0.256 on DC running Win Server 2012 R2 I see from the log that it's having problems accessing the registry, but I've already confirmed that the service account has full privileges (and it's an admin account). I c...
Hello, has anyone accomplished this with Internet Authentication Service (Windows Server 2003)? The guides all seem to be written for Windows Server 2008 and up. Thanks.
Hello I just replaced my old FortiGate 100 with a new FortiGate 90D. I’m trying to get SSL-VPN clients to work again. I’ve added my LDAP server under User & Device > Authentication > LDAP Servers.I’ve defined a VPN Users group under User > User Group...