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Hello,We have a 200D FortiGate (well, two in HA mode) with multiple client VDOMs in NAT mode, each with their own VLAN (multiple servers, SANs, typical data center stuff). Rather than allocating two ports for each VDOM (LAN/WAN), we decided to use un...
This forum has been exceptionally helpful in the past, and I' m hoping it can help me out again. Our client has two offices, Office A and Office B. Here is what we have in Office A: A FortiGate (90D) with a VPN to office B FortiGate (140D) A phone sy...
[tl;dr version: VPN tunnel established between to FGs (101c/80c), cannot access 80c network but can access 101c network, both vanilla FGs, 4.0M3 Zzzzzzzz] I admit defeat. Here is my issue. I have two VPNs set up, one between a 110c and an 80c and one...