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Have the way the Fortigate interprets regular expressions changed between FortiOS release 5.4 an 5.6 ??? \.ru\b worked in 5.4 to match all domains under the top-domain .ru, it does not work in 5.6.4 if I add \.ru\b in the Static URL filter via GUI th...
The Collector Agent can communicate with the AD.If I press "Show Monitored DCs" at the Agent GUI I can see the number of "# Logon Events" increasing all the time. If I press "Show Logon Users" at the Agent GUI the list is empty.The Only FSSO info ava...
Hi,can anyone point me to a user guide of how to set up/enable SOCKS proxy in the explicit proxy?
Never mind, I managed to solve the problem
Two questions:Lets say I clone an existing (and enabled) event handler and then edit just the notification settings in the new handler.Will both event handlers trigger notifications when the event occurs? The filter part of the event handler is strai...