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what is root cause of automatically deleting elog file on fortianalyzer !?!?!
PLZ help me I don' t get report of logs in analyzer with firmware with 5.0.7 version. any customised new report is empty. but I don' t know reason of this!!!
I check the logs of devices that added to fortianalyzer , the last logs of any device don' t change, but in event log in system setting of analyzer there is logs that indicate the deletation of log files!!! what is this?what are logs that indicate to...
when working with fortianalyzer with firmware v5.0.6, by filtering the logs , fortianalyzer works so slowly! I don' t know the reason of this!!! whom could help me?
hi I have a problem with fortianalyzer . I have upgraded firmware from v5.0-build0266 131108 (GA Patch 5) to 5.00-build0310-branchpt310 (Patch 6). I have executed rebuilding the database. But this job was lasting very long time. I don’t know what I...