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DescriptionWhen FortiController High Availability is configured, SNMP queries meant for the secondary FortiController on slot #2 have to be relayed by the primary FortiController via the base management channel. If the primary FortiController's inter...
DescriptionOn SMB FortiVoice devices it is necessary to enable ssh terminal access via the Web Management GUI in order to collect a network capture using 'tcpdump'.Solution1. Access the unit's Web Management GUI using the admin account and enable the...
DescriptionAs of FortiOS version 5.4 the Banned User List is viewed with a new CLI command.The commands for v5.0 and v5.2 which are mentioned in KB article FD36211 for viewing and manipulating the list are no longer available.SolutionOn version 5.4 t...
DescriptionEven when following the recommended upgrade path, some settings may be lost after the upgrade due to a difference in supported features between the firmware versions.SolutionThe following command can be used in order to list configuration ...
DescriptionWhile reviewing the FortiGate HA cluster event logs (elogs), the following event examples may be found occasionally:date=2016-07-15 time=01:30:20 devname=BERCA1FW02 devid=FG100D3G13803210 logid=0108037903 type=event subtype=ha level=inform...