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Good day all, I will appreciate some feedback on how the application controls on fortigate work for traffic that is coming into the organization.we have app control , filtering used for user traffic that gets to outside world. if we want to prevent a...
Good day all, We have a fortigate running version 6.2.2there seems to be a problem with accessing one of https websites. When tried via our fortigate firewall, the site doesn't load. But if the same site loads fine when bypassed from fortigate firewa...
Good day all, What are the options to look when and why physical port on fortigate may have gone down.any commands or links will be greatly welcomed here.
Good day all, we have issues with some traffic with fortigates. below is the general direction of traffic, ip's used below are random.this source destination sits between a fortigate (version6.0) that has both nat and transparent mode.this traffic ca...
Good day all, we have some interface & zone that are not in use.What is the best method to delete these & also checking on if it affects anything else.