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I need to perform routing on a stick with Cisco switches, so I need to create vlans on my Fortigate interfaces. Reviewed the above link/article - but what is interesting - an IP is already ...
I am coming from the Cisco world, and in that world Cisco Policy Base Routing (PBR) is processed outside of the route table, so PBR will get processed before static routes or any route currently in the table. Is this is the same behavior on Fortigate...
On Cisco I can set interface speed label with the 'bandwidth' command. Does Fortigate have an equivalent to set the speed, so bandwidth usage will be correctly assigned a percentage based on the interface speed/bandwidth label?
Folks,Does the Fortigate switches offer any on chassis scripting in Tcl or Lua or in any other scripting language like Cisco and Juniper? I have a need for changes based on Layer 1 conditions and I do not want to get into the STP Metric weeds and Roo...
I need a small /124 network for routing topology so I can use my IPv6 assigned by my service provider. Since these are Global Unicast addresses, I want to assign them to my servers; however, I need a transient network that is connected to my edge rou...
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