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Please help! I have used dchp lease-clear command and tried to reset the DHCP server on the FOrtinet but i am getting REMOVED DUE TO CONFLICT" on 90% of the IP addresses on the internal network!!! I have rebooted everything but nothing works and only...
Hello, Recently we have been getting a lot of " IP CONFLICTS' in our network. Ofcourse iassuming that we are running out of IP addresses, i changed the lease time to 7 days from 3. But we still get the IP CONFLICTS since the DHCP server is unable to ...
I screwed up!! I was messing up with the trusted hosts settings and accidentally " locked myself out" of the web gui. internally and Externally!! What is the best way to get the access back!! HELP!!!
Hi forti Experts, We have about 13 Forinet Fortigate running in the Company. 1 in the Corp office and 12 in the remote offices. Had a few questions. 1.Do you access the WEB MANAGEMENT (HTTPS)from the external interface and how do you have your polici...