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I've setup a DHCP server pool to provide 10.0.1/24 and 10.0.4/24 on one of my interfaces. But I can't get an IP on one of my hosts! I see that the requests leaves the host and (something) is received by my Fortigate running "FortiOS v5.6.6 build1630 ...
I have a FG50 (FortiOS v5.4) as my home firewall/gateway/nat as well as IPSEC VPN endpoint to get access to my home network. The VPN works fine and all, but on the client (macOS Sierra), I don't get a route "in" to the VPN. I always have to add that ...
I'd like to connect to my FortiGate 50E at home from work and access all my resources at home. I've managed to get my OSX laptop to connect and authenticate properly, but I don't get a route on the laptop, nor is there a DNS server added. I've recent...