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Hello, there's some way to avoid auto IP assign on L2TP connection (without IPSec)? I know, it's an old and unsecure choose, but I need it for specific purpose. My HW:Fortigate 30EFortiOS v6.2.1 build0932 (GA) This is my config: config vpn l2tp set s...
Hello, the scenario is the same as that I asked in the past but with the opposite direction. My goal: reach the FTP server ( which is "two FGT ahead" (from FTP Net Scanner My scenario: [ul]NET PRINTER / SCANNER (192...
Hello, this is my first post. I thank the administrators for accepting my request. I come straight to the point. My goal: reach and install a printer ( which is "two FGT ahead" (from My scenario:[ul]FGT60C (192.168....