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I have integrated the Wireless Captive Portal to SAML on O365. When I try to access any URL, it redirects to and entering the O365 ID, able to get connected to the wireless and access Internet. The problem that I am facing i...
I am trying to configure the file filter to block ".scr" file extension which I see is missing on my FortiGate. Is there an alternate and/or customization to block .scr file extensions? Firmware - v6.4.8
I have multiple FortiGate running v6.4.8 with FortiAnalyzer (VM) v6.4.7 for logs. I am planning to upgrade the FortiAnalyzer (VM) to v7.0.2. Wanted to know if there will be any logs that may discard on the FortiAnalyzer when FortiGate running v6.4.8 ...
I am planning to upgrade from my existing FortiOS v.6.4.3 to v.6.4.8. This is due to recent sslvpn vulnerability (CVE-2021-26109) that is affected up to FortiOS v.6.4.7. Has anyone faced an issue with v.6.4.8 upgrade?
I have configured SD-WAN for the Internet links and working as expected for more than a year now. I have also configured the VPN tunnel (Named as SITE-A & SITE-B) in SD-WAN recently and it is working as expected. However, at times, the Internet traff...
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