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Running 3.5.4 on 448D on Fortilink behind FGTs. Seeing high CPU on a DHCP process...[cid:image001.png@01D2CEE9.B0526F60]...anyone seeing this? Clue me in on what this process is doing and why? Can we kill it permanently...?Tony Taylor - Technical Nin...
You can also do it by hand pretty easily. The interfaces are the critical piece as FGT models name them differently across the line. You can look at the default config on the destination FGT and see how they are named. In some cases they are the same...
FGT 500D: 5.2.2FAC VM: 3.3.1 FSSO on FGT bound to FAC. FAC set to poll AD. LDAP configured. Groups bound on FGT. Things were generally working OK. Created GPO to enforce Remote Registry for validation because some domain computers wree "not verified"...