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Greetings Trusted Advisors! I manage a 60E that I created policies with Virtual IPs to allow users to connect via RDP to their office PC (with source filter to allow ONLY from their home IP). I'd like to create a custom report to show as much informa...
Greetings all!I'm having an issue with a client's Fortigate 40c. I setup the FortiCloud reporting and it was working fine, however I had an issue where I restarted the unit for a disk check and it didn't come back online. After cycling the power a fe...
Greetings Tech Wizards! Been a partner a few years and I have a number of older models. Most are 40c or FWF 40 or 60 C. Prior to joining FortiCloud I had upgraded one beyond 5.2 and had high CPU issues and had to roll back. I have some newer units on...