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Hi All,In My FortiSOAR instance the queued workflows is increasing with no reason and when I see the playbook execution logs, I noticed that no playbook in active state or any other state what the problem is and how can I delete or terminate the queu...
Hi AllI Want to schedule an Ingestion to run each 3 hours what is the parameters should i put on the scheduleThanks on Advance FortiSOAR #Data Ingestion
Hi TeamI have an alert and I have investigated the destination Ip of that alert and I want to update the record correlations to change the indicator descriptionthanks, on advanceFortiSOAR #Update Record Correlations
Hi all,What is the difference between the Watch lists & Lookup Tablethanks on advance#Watch lists#Lookup tables
Hi All,What is the difference between the Detection Technologies on rules as its not clarified on previous versions of documentationsthanks, on advance#Rules