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Do I still need to turn up "full deep ssl inspection" in FortiGate if ssl inspection already works in virtual server? I did some tests and it turned out that if we have Virtual Server (so FortiGate behaves like a reverse-proxy) and certificate inspec...
My goal is to skip emails only when either SPF or DKIM is correct (or both of whem). And the answer to this is DMARC. But what if some sender does not have it? For example: sender №1 with SPF, DKIM and DMARC, sender №2 with SPF, DKIM and without DMAR...
Does anyone ever use Web Vulnerability Scan in FortiWeb? Generated repoerts looks pretty poor (user friedly about 0%). How I can customize it? For example: one of the reports has about 8000 pages and it's not good at all (test report with test web-se...