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Hi All Is it possible to change the name of a cluster in Fortimanager. I have a few cluster members in Fortimanager which have incorrect hostnames, is it possible to change the hostname and how is it doe in FortiManager 5.2. Thanks
Hi AllI have problem with IPSec VPN for Site to Site connection via dialup interface.Central Site (CS) LAN CS Internet WAN –Phase1-PSK Dialup to Remote1 – Phase2 CS LAN + Remote1 LANPhase1- PSK Dialup to Remote2 – Phase2 CS LAN + Remote2 LANPeer ID a...
Hi AllI'm doing some work with DLP in FortiManager and can't work out how to edit file types. From the FW documentation it seems simple, but I see no way to edit the field in FM. Is it just me going mad. I want to be able to create a new sensor with ...
Hi All I've been trying to identify devices over IPSec Tunnels, but have found the "set device-identification enable" command does not exist in 5.2.3 from the CLI nor the Detect and Identify Devices tick box not on the IPSec Interface. The device typ...
Hi All I'm having issues authenticating against group membership with LDAP. I don't want to have to add each users accounts onto the firewall directly, so I've created a group on the LDAP server and added users to it. I've set the firewall to use gro...
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