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NSE7 Public Cloud - Azure Lab 4

Hi Guys,

Looks like the script isnt happy any more

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It might need some love to get going again.

Hi Alan.

Out of curiosity what is the date on your lab guide for azure ... the lab guide will have a date in it that it was last edited - the first few pages look like this

Title page
Page 2 - which has copyright data on it - right below copyright data at the bottom is a date it was last edited - by me :)
Page 3 - table of contents

What's the date on the bottom of page 2?

Ray Aslin

Hi Ray,

23 Oct 2020

When i was cleaning up at the end of the labs, I found it had deployed most of it already, and the second-15 attempt, were all going into the same resource group (I didn't know there was stuff in there) 

So I'm assuming that it failed something on the 1st attempt, and then was just being sad after then.

I managed to work around it, but using the pre-built Azure VMs. But they do the IPs for the load balencers differently, so that took a bit to work around, once I worked it out, it was all good tho.