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NSE7 Public Cloud - AWS LAB 3

Fortinet FortiWeb Web Application Firewall WAF VM
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Fortinet FortiWeb Web Application Firewall WAF VM
Whether to simply meet compliance standards or to protect mission critical hosted applications, FortiWeb Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) provide advanced features and AI-based machine learning detection engines that defend web applications from known and zero-day threats. Using a multi-layered and correlated approach, FortiWeb intelligently and accurately protects your web applications from the OWASP Top 10 threats.
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Fortiweb is no more......


I love the cloud :) always shifting under my feet.

Well that is interesting.  I'll need a few days to work on this one, and I'll need to update my lab guide again (I update these lab guides just about every month - since the cloud is always moving under our feet).

I'm in the classroom teaching some unrelated courses this week and next, so I'll likely have to revisit the labs the week after next and see what the process is now for FWB deployment.  There still are other ways to deploy - other than the markplace listing...however I'm pretty suspicious about the marketplace listing being absent...that seems odd to me.


Every  trying the community images, it wanted me to agree to the package. It took a LONG time to find the correct link, and then I could not get it to go still.

It only difference to the Azure one, is that its behind, rather than in front, so I just moved on.

But since your the master of the guides, LAB4 in AWS also had issues. I could NOT get it to deploy.

5-6 tries, and it was always complaining about ETH1 (private) IP in use. i ended up making them all 21, 22 and 23 rather than 11 12 13. As I was reusing the VPC, maybe there was still an issue with the VMs from the old labs not being fully gone yet.

Moved to higher IPs, and all came good.

Just starting lab 5 now, so hopefully I don't find more problems (Or features :)

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