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How can I use my GNS3 lab environment to practice for NSE4 exam questions?

I have been able to set up a lab in GNS3 with a Fortigate appliance.  But I am struggling to find any practical exercises to test my knowledge, and mimic the type of questions I should expect in the NSE4 exam.

This type of hands-on simulation is what I enjoy the most.  I would be really grateful if I could find a resource where the questions or labs are designed to use these sort of tools to get to the answers.

NSE 4 certification by Dec 2020!!!
Joseph Charles-Walcott
NSE5 Exam
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Hi Joseph,

If you are working for a partner company, i would suggest going into the NSE Training centre and go through the self paced NSE 4 training.

Based on the topics there, you can test each section in your GNS3. The exam as far as i remember does not have any labs in it. So as you read through the topics you can go, SD-WAN let me check how to do it, read about it in the admin guides, then security profiles etc etc.

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Hey Joseph,

Sotir's comments about NSE Training center are spot on - I went through the program last fall and had very little hands on experience prior to taking and passing my NSE 4 the first time through (studied like crazy though). The training mentioned actually includes labs as well. Previously the training was only available to partners, but Fortinet opened it up to everyone through end of 2020 - Here's the official link to get you started: Just follow the links for both modules of NSE 4 under the "Free Advanced Training for Security Professionals" section.


Hello Sotir/Dave.

Thanks for your words of wisdom.  I am working for a partner, and I have done the online training and labs.

I just was not sure about my approach for the exam prep.

But, I feel more confident now.  I intend to review each section of the course, and use my GNS3 environment to implement the different sections.

Any other advice on NSE4 exam preparation would be welcome.

Joseph Charles-Walcott
NSE5 Exam


In addition to the online training and sample quiz questions, a co-worker and I made our own quiz questions to focus on the areas we were scoring poorly in on the sample questions. Perhaps you could do something similar? The area I struggled most with on the test was the questions about user authentication - I'd not done that before studying for the exam and should have spent more time in my lab making sure I knew how to compelte the tasks. Overall, I found the exam to be well written - There weren't a lot of questions that felt misleading or designed to trip me up. At the end of it, I felt like it did a pretty good job of testing what I'd learned. I also went back over a few of the study lab modules in my own lab to help solidify some knowledge prior to taking the exam. Keep in mind that this exam covers a lot of material on the Fortigate platform, but doesn't get too deep into any of the areas it covers.

Hope your exam goes well!


Hello Joseph

Please do not forget that below.

To be able to successfully pass the NSE4 exam, your preparation must cover
1. Fortigate infrastructure course 6.x
2. Fortigate security course 6.x

Having covered these thoroughly and with much understanding, you once have to complete your Lab under fortigate infrastructure course 6.x

Below are the lab content that you must cover
1.Change Log
2.Virtual Lab Basics
5.Virtual Domains (VDOMs)
6.Transparant Mode
8.Fortinet Single Sign-On FSSO
9.High Availability
10. Web Proxing
11. Diagnostics

Do not rush the course, Read and understand each content vry well before you plan and sit for the exam.