A FortiWeb can be configured to join a Security Fabric through the root or downstream FortiGate.
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This article describes a troubleshooting step that may be used when the URL rewrite feature of FortiWeb does not work at all.

This feature is described in full details in the 'Rewriting and Redirecting' section of FortiWeb v5.4.1 Administration Guide.  This guide is available in the Fortinet Document Library.

Configuring this feature is not the purpose of this article, however the logical steps are:

1. Create a URL Rewriting Rule based on given criteria.
2. Create a URL Rewriting Policy to which one or more URL Rewriting Rules can be added.
3. Apply the URL Rewriting Policy in an Inline Protection Profile.


FortiWeb v5.4.1   


FortiWeb cannot rewrite requests that exceed FortiWeb’s buffer size.

The default buffer size is currently set to 64kB. Increase the buffer size to maximum of 1024kB then check if the rewrite works correctly.
FVVM02-10 # config system advanced
FVVM02-10 (advanced) # set max-cache-size 1024
FVVM02-10 (advanced) # end
FVVM02-10 #

Refresh the browser page in order to check if the rewrite now works as expected.