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If you cannot load a music file, it may be because it is not be in the correct format.

Wav Recordings should be in the format:  CCIT ulaw 8 Bit Mono

The wav file is not found when browsing from the software to indicate this.

To edit or create the correct music or message recording please try the following :

1. Download and install Audacity, it is available at:
2. Open your wav file in Audacity, allow the program to make a copy of the file before editing
3. Change the Project Rate (Hz) to 8000 (Bottom left of window)
4. Click on the audio track
5. If audio track is in stereo, from the menu select Tracks > Stereo Track to Mono
6. From the menu select File > Export
7. Next change the Save As Type to 'Other uncompressed files
8. Select Options
9. Change the Encoding drop-down to U-law. Select OK
10. Choose the directory in which to save the recording, click 'Ok' then select Save

You can also create a new recording using the above steps also with a new project.