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This article explains how to program the FortiVoice Enterprise (E) series system to dial out with just 911.

Kari's law, which came into effect in 2016 in some US states, requires that a multi-line phone system must connect with the emergency services if the user simply just dials 9-1-1.  It means it must not be required that the user first dial a line access code or number in order to call 911.

For any Enterprise or Enterprise VM,  options are available in the configuration to have an emergency number set on the system.

Check the setting of the PBX location and contact information.

To set the PBX location

1. Go to Phone System > Settings > Location

2. Configure the following.
GUI field: Description

Select the country in which the FortiVoice unit is located.

Emergency number: Click the default number (911) to enter the emergency call number of the selected country.

Contact Information: Enter your contact information (optional).

Emergency setting:  Configure to send an alert email when an emergency call is made. Select either 'Do nothing' if no alert email is required otherwise, select Send alert email and enter the email address.

After having set up the phone service Trunks,  ensure that there is a dial plan still set at the top of the outbound list.

Go to Call Routing > Outbound > Outbound submenu.  This allows the configuration of dial plans for outgoing calls from the FortiVoice unit.

For example, if users should be able to dial 911 for emergencies, include a dial plan rule that sends all calls that begin with 911 out using all available call paths.

By checking 'This rule should also override the default outgoing prefix', users can dial 911 without having to dial 9 first.

In the rule check also the Emergency call box, which allows this number to be dialed without any restrictions on the system.