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Description This article describes that FortiLink p2p is not working over the Cambium Networks antenna.
Scope FortiSwitch.

Fortiswitches are using LLDP to negotiate a LAG interface (ISL trunk) in the interconnection between them.


When there is a P2P interconnection, it is necessary to add the command 'set fortilink-p2p enable' on the interfaces connected to the antennas, to change the LLDP destination MAC address to the broadcast MAC address to bypass middle layer-2 devices:


However, some antennas, even after applying this command, still answer the LLDP packets to Fortiswitches, preventing the LAG interface from being formed. This is the case of some Cambium Networks antenna

It is possible to validate this behavior with a SSH session to the Fortiswitch and see the LLDP neighbor on that interface:


get switch lldp neighbors-detail port1 


Neighbor learned on port port1 by LLDP protocol
Last change 272702 seconds ago
Last packet received 18 seconds ago

Chassis ID: 00:04:56:27:95:4e (mac) <----- MAC OUI Cambium antenna.
System Name: Estacion Anthea
System Description:

In this case, it is necessary to disable LLDP on the antennas, allowing the LLDP messages to cross the p2p link from switch to switch.

This is a link that explains how to do this: