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This article describes how to enable logs for specific filters.

1) Generally, logs can be viewed from from FortiSwitch using '# execute log display'.
FSW # execute log display
596 logs found.                                                     
1 logs returned.

1: 2020-12-16 18:01:42 log_id=0103032001 type=event subtype=system pri=information vd=root user="admin" ui=ssh(
2) Number of viewed logs can be increased by setting up the 'view-line' attribute.                                            
FSW # execute  log  filter view-lines 500
Now executing '# execute log display' will return 500 logs.

3) Logs can also be viewed with desired custom filters on the FortiSwitch. This can be done by using '# execute log filter field' command.

Example to monitor the port status:
FSW # execute log filter field status up, down
FSW # execute log display
1: 1970-01-03 15:12:29 log_id=0100001401 type=event subtype=link pri=information vd=root unit="primary" switch.physical-port="port47" status="down" msg="primary switch port port47 has gone down"
Similarly to view spanning-tree logs, '# execute  log filter  field subtype spanning_tree' can be used.

Below is the list of applicable filters: