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FortiSOAR: Security Orchestration and Response software provides innovative case management, automation, and orchestration. It pulls together all of an organization's tools, helps unify operations, and reduce alert fatigue, context switching, and the mean time to respond to incidents.
Article Id 262263
Description This article helps to overcome the '.ConnectorError: Error importing module <name of the module>: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'loader' (Module not available in env)\n Connector :: code-snippetV2.0.3'
Scope All supported versions of FortiSOAR.
  1. To check if the needed module is installed on the instance:

sudo -u nginx /opt/cyops-integrations/.env/bin/pip3 freeze


     2. To install the needed python module if not already present on the instance:


sudo -u nginx /opt/cyops-integrations/.env/bin/pip install <module_name>

     3. To check the necessary packages required for using the modules in the connector:


sudo -u nginx /opt/cyops-integrations/.env/bin/pip show <module_name>


     4. Add all the necessary and required modules in the 'Modules to import' block during the configuration of the connector on GUI.