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Article Id 300958
Description This article describes how to overcome the permission issue for the user configured in Symantec DLP connector.
Scope FortiSOAR and Symantec DLP integration.

A few things have to be verified:

  1. The user has read and Write Permission for the Incidents on the DLP Side.
  2. The role assigned to the user must have admin privileges.
  3. Verify if there are any conditions applied in the Incident Access Tab on the Symantec-DLP side.
  4. Confirm if the reports used as input in connector action were created using the 'Enforce Server administration console'.
  5. The Report ID to be used in the connector action is created by the configured user or the user must be in the group with the user who has created the report.

Follow this guide containing the steps to create a user and assign a role to it: Creating a User and Role for the Symantec Data Loss Prevention API client.