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Description This article describes how to resolve the issue of failing to download records as CSV files using the Export All Columns As CSV button.
Scope FortiSOAR.
  1. Select the Export All Columns As CSV button to attempt downloading the selected records.



  1. Select 'All records across all pages' in the Record Limit option.




  2. After that, it is possible to see that the download failed as follows with logs.




403 Client Error: Forbidden for url: https://localhost/api/auth/token :: {'type': 'AccessDeniedException', 'message': 'Access Denied.'} :: Url: https://localhost/api/auth/token  Connector :: cyops-schedule-reportV1.4.0



By default, the playbook appliance should be mapped to at least three different roles (security Administrator, full app permissions, and application administrator) as in the screen capture below.



However, in the case of the problematic playbook appliance, the security administrator role was not selected, and the issue was resolved after selecting permission.


Security Administrator:
'Do not remove the Security Administrator Role'.

It is recommended never to remove the Security Administrator role. If the Security Administrator role is removed, ensure that at least one other role with an assigned user has the Security module enabled if it is always desired to maintain access to edit teams and roles within the application. It is possible to assign the Security Module to another role, or another user, as required.


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