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FortiSOAR v6.4.4

FortiSOAR™ v6.4.4 is now released.

The Fortinet Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response Platform (FortiSOAR6.4.4 release includes many enhancements and bug fixes in the areas of FSR agents, reporting, cluster licensing, and SSO configuration.

New features and enhancements

Feature Details
Added support for using FortiManager (FMG) for FortiSOAR licensing Added support to use FortiManager (FMG) as an intermediary in case of a closed or air gapped environment, so that FMG can provides license validation and FortiGuard Distribution Network (FDN) updates to FortiSOAR with limited or no internet connectivity.
Note: This feature has been validated on 'FortiSOAR Version 6.4.4 - Build 3164' and 'FMG Version 6.4.4 GA-Build 2253'.
Configurable Remote Connector Management Added the Allow Connector Management button in the Master Configurations page on the tenant node, for allowing or disallowing the master from managing and executing connector actions, including actions executed using remotely executable playbooks ("Reference Remote Playbooks") on the tenant node.
Automatic FSR Agent Upgrade Support Added support for automatically upgrading a FortiSOAR (FSR) agent. You can now automatically upgrade a FSR agent without having to SSH to the agent's VM and run the agent installer. Minimum version of FSRNode and FSR Agent to have the automatic upgrade support is 6.4.3.
Enhanced reporting to support page breaks Added support for adding page breaks in reports. You can choose to print a row automatically on a new page if a page break occurs within a row of a report.
Added support for entering your own (external) certificates for SAML (SSO Configuration) Provided the ability to enter or edit private and public keys of a service provider on the SSO configuration page in FSR. This is useful in cases where you want to enter your own certificate information.
Updated built-in connectors

The following built-in connectors have been updated in the 6.4.4 release:

  • IMAP connector updated to version 3.5.5

  • Report Engine connector updated to version 1.2.0

For more information on FortiSOAR Built-in connectors, see the "FortiSOAR™ Built-in connectors" article.

Cluster Licensing Changes

Removed the need of buying additional users for clustered nodes

For a full list of changes, check out the release notes here:

To upgrade from v6.4.3, check out the upgrade guide here:


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