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Description It is often necessary to import records from a CSV into FortiSOAR. This article describes how to accomplish this, it is possible to use the attached playbooks. Scope FortiSOAR. Solution Import the playbook collection from the playbook lis...
FortiSOAR™ v6.4.4 is now released. The Fortinet Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response Platform (FortiSOAR™) 6.4.4 release includes many enhancements and bug fixes in the areas of FSR agents, reporting, cluster licensing, and SSO configurat...
Overview There are some useful, undocumented API endpoints related to connectors. These API endpoints can be used in playbooks to automate health checks, connector metrics, and activation/deactivation. API Endpoints List connectors Endpoint: /api/int...
To compose and send email from FortiSOAR, a conversion is needed form Markdown (FortiSOAR's richtext format) to HTML. Below is an example of playbook jinja that converts basic Markdown syntax to HTML. It can be extended to add additional markdown ele<!-- -->...
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