FortiPortal provides a comprehensive set of security management and analytics within a multi-tenant, multi-tier management framework.
Article Id 200952
Description This article provides tips to resolve the 'No policies available' message in the FPC portal Policy section.
Scope FortiPortal 6.0

It might happen that the FortiPortal policy section for a given customer does not show the policy packages available for that customer. 


First, it is important to verify that the status of the policy package in the associated FortiManager for the given ADOM/Device/VDOM is different from 'Never installed'. 

In the below example, ADOM_CUST1/FGT/CUST1 is assigned a policy package but has the status 'never installed'.  


The policy package in the FortiManager should be installed at least once for the FPC to show the appropriate policy package. Once the initial installation is completed (using the FortiManager install Wizard for instance), the status should be as below in the FortiManager: 


Then, refreshing the policy in the FortiPortal might not work immediately. You can force a refresh using the below URL after you are connected to the customer portal: 

https://<FortiPortal IP>/fpc/sec/customer/policy/policyPackage?refresh=true

This will show some information in XML format. You can then go back to the portal and the policy package should then be updated as expected: