FortiMonitor is a holistic, SaaS-based digital experience and network performance monitoring solution which combines monitoring, network incident management, automation, and network configuration management into a single source of truth
Description This article describes the mitigation steps for the Apache log4j Vulnerability's effect on FortiMonitor Network Configuration Management (NCM).
Scope FortiMonitor NCM

To mitigate the vulnerability, perform the following:


1) Upgrade to the latest version of the NCM by running.

#! /bin/bash

docker container rm -f ncm

docker image rm -f panopta/onsight-ncm:latest

docker run -it -d -e JAVA_OPTS='-Xms1G -Xmx1G' \ -e TZ='Etc/UTC' \ -e mem_allocation='1G' \ -e profiles_active='panopta' \ -e theme_name='panopta' \ -e theme_mode='light' \ -e theme_switch_enabled='false' \ -e aggregator_url='' \ -e sync_schedule='*/30 * * * * ?' \ -p 8085:8085 \ --name ncm \ --mount source=ncm-config,target=/etc/unimus \ --mount source=ncm-logs,target=/var/log/unimus \ --restart unless-stopped \ panopta/onsight-ncm:latest

docker network connect ncm ncm

docker container restart ncm