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This article describes how 'Match Selection - Primary FQDN Only' works when configuring a template metric.

Scope FortiMonitor.

FortiMonitor’s template feature allows users to streamline their monitoring configurations for servers that they want to monitor in a similar way.

When configuring a metric on a template, the option 'Primary FQDN Only' is selected by default for the 'Match Selection' field when available.

In the image below, a ping check with the 'Primary FQDN Only' option is created for a template called 'FQDN Primary Only'.

 Pattern Match.png


With this option, the only interface that will be monitored is the one associated with the primary FQDN of the instance.

In other words, any other interface will not be monitored via the template application.

As displayed in the two images below, only the primary FQDN of the instance was monitored despite it having multiple interfaces.  


multiple IPs.png


multiple ip - primary monitored only.png


Additional Information:

To monitor multiple interfaces within a single metric, utilize the 'Pattern match' option instead.


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